Outstanding In-House Security Manager/Director – sponsored by Bidvest Noonan

Gary Stephen – University of Glasgow

After an initial career in the military and then law enforcement, Gary entered the world of corporate security in 2007 starting out as an Operations Manager on a CPNI contract. He quickly gained promotion to Senior Operations Manager for Scotland before moving on to develop a new accredited security team at Scotland’s biggest Data Centre. Gary joined the University of Glasgow in 2016 as Head of Security and after a FM review changed the make- up of the team to a more diverse workforce that represents the community it serves. Gary prioritises training and progression from within the department.  Judges felt that Gary is a persuasive security lead who engaged the right stakeholders to get the right results, is a highly capable person, and effective in taking care of people and driving business successes.  A standout winner.

Outstanding Contract Security Manager/Director 

Tom Meredith – Mitie

Tom Meredith, Mitie Security Manager, is an exemplary leader to a team of 80 FTE, highly trained officers who support UCLH, a world class research hospital in central London, with its full Security needs by using real-time technology to react to incidents and reallocate staff. Through Tom’s expert leadership the team have consistently achieved 100% SLA performance over the past year with no financial penalties. Security was selected by the Chair of UCLH as ‘Team of the Year’ for their amazing work throughout the Covid period and the invaluable role they played in supporting the NHS at its time of need.

Outstanding Security Equipment Manufacturer – sponsored by International Security Expo/The Security Event


For more than 35 years the team at Gallagher have been delivering world class solutions for access control and perimeter security that have been at the forefront of the global security industry. Gallagher are committed to revolutionising the way organizations of all types protect, secure and manage their people and assets. Their security solutions are designed, engineered, manufactured, and distributed from their head office site in Hamilton, New Zealand, where their commitment to innovation, research and development, and outstanding customer service have been integral to their growth. Judges noted that Gallagher had visionary development and integration of functionality delivering a strong package globally with high quality equipment and customer focus.

Outstanding Security Team – sponsored by Trackforce Valiant & TrackTik 

London Bridge City Security Team – CIS Security

The London Bridge City team’s aim and objective is to contribute to a world class estate which provides a safe, secure and welcoming environment for tenants, stakeholders, visitors and staff. They have undertaken projects such as “Safe Strides”, implemented CSR projects, developed their relationships with Savills, Stakeholders and the Emergency services, achieved the Secured Environments Award, ensured that the detection of crime is a priority of the team and they have saved lives.  The security culture within the team is one that is designed to improve where errors are identified, in an atmosphere of learning and not blame. Judges were impressed by the number of incidents the team had to deal with and  felt they were solid and united and achieved great results.  

Outstanding Security Consultant – sponsored by CIS

Jonathan Eddery – MAST

Jonathan joined MAST in 2021 and injected an entrepreneurial flair for consultancy rarely seen in one individual. Bringing with him over 22 years of experience he quickly saw avenues to raise profits and generate increase in the general business pipeline. He successfully increased quotes on technical services in MAST’s Land and Residential environment by 700%.  Jonathan is an outstanding security consultant who evidences a scope of experience in multiple environments rarely seen in one individual.  Judge’s noted that Jonathan has had a significant impact on the overall success of MAST showing true leadership in the role of a consultant.

Outstanding Customer Service Initiative – sponsored by Danhouse Security

‘Safe Strides’ Initiative – CIS Security/London Bridge City

The ‘Safe Strides’ initiative was set up by CIS Security at London Bridge City (LBC) in response to the Women’s Night Charter. The project incorporates the ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme and a safeguarding project, where the provision offers a safeguarding wrap-around service to those occupiers, visitors who are concerned for their safety. This includes those at risk through the night-time economy or who are at risk of domestic violence or being harassed by partners in proximity to their workplace. The project has resulted in extremely limited violent or sexual assaults on the estate and occupiers and visitors reporting that they believe LBC is a safe and welcoming environment. Judges felt this was a fantastic initiative that make people feel safer, and most importantly be safer! They also felt that it recognises the need to address a growing and most serious risk to public safety. Particularly where threats to vulnerable people are significant most often women and girls.  

Outstanding Security Installer/Integrator – sponsored by NSI

SecuriGroup Systems

SecuriGroup Systems is an innovative and forward-thinking sector of the organisation that focuses on the augmentation of operational performance using cutting-edge technology. This includes the design and installation of CCTV and IP cameras with inbuilt analytics, intuitive access control and intruder detection systems, and the in-house development of software solutions to improve the efficiency of officers on the ground.  SecuriGroup Systems has the capability to develop IT and technical solutions to specific client problems. They have been successful in generating additional value and benefits for their portfoliouk  of clients.  Judges felt that they had an excellent community and added value to their clients. 

Outstanding Event Security Team

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Stewarding Team – FGH Security

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games was FGH’s largest ever deployment, and a truly global event. They were the only official stewarding partner to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, supplying over 600 stewards across seven competition venues and providing over 60% of the stewarding deployment for the games.  The headline target for the games was shift fulfilment, as their primary concern was with numbers of suitably qualified stewards to ensure smooth operation of their venues. Their actual shift fulfilment percentage was 102%, meaning they fulfilled all their own obligations and were able to send additional team members to assist shortfalls elsewhere.  Judges said there was clear evidence of effective training, staff retention and delivering stewarding for a significant event with detailed explanation of methodologies. 

Outstanding Security Training Initiative – sponsored by BSIA 

TITAN – MOONHUB and Corps Security

MOONHUB has developed TITAN which aims to equip security operatives with the tools needed to avoid learning on the job through low-risk, highly immersive 360° virtual reality training. It was co-curated with Corps Security, to develop a new reality for the sector. TITAN is poised to become the next-gen industry-standard training modus operandi offering a cost-effective solution to security partners. TITAN ensures consistency when training a large group of personnel, and effective monitoring and evaluation of individual performance. With TITAN, firms streamline costs, save time and remove geographical boundaries and inventory limitations.  Judges believed that this is a ground breaking initiative and is likely to be the future of training. 

Outstanding New Security Product 

Safe Haven App – Croma Vigilant

Safe Haven App was created to address the growing risks to females and males who have immediate concerns for their safety when they find themselves in a vulnerable situation. In the wake of the Sarah Everard murder, it was evident that there was a need for solution to help tackle the problem. With modern technology and the availability of property with round the clock security guarding or other community hubs, Safe Haven was created. The Safe Haven App has contributed to the improvement of personal safety by providing the public with reassurance and access to a network of Safe Havens available at any time, for assistance and support.   Judges felt the product was a creative and practical solution with enormous potential for deterrent effect and real support to the vulnerable in society. They also commented that it was a good concept combining technology and physical security support.

Outstanding Security Partnership – sponsored by Police Crime Prevention Initiatives

Darren Conway – Lodge Service, Iona Blake – Boots and the National Business Crime Centre

Safer Business Action (SaBA) days were created from an idea by Darren Conway (Lodge Security) and Iona Blake (Boots) and developed by the National Business Crime Centre (NBCC). SaBA Days is a joint approach by police, business, private security, Business Crime Reduction Partnerships and Business Improvement Districts working in partnership to focus resources into a designated location to create a significant impact to reduce crime.  Through the SaBA steering group and the NBCC there are links to a national network of contacts, best practice can be shared, and potentially extra resources from private businesses with a national footprint; this ensures that whilst locally based, SaBA days bring a national reach. The judges felt that this initiative was an excellent inter agency co-operation and partnership – created by energy and commitment – providing wider business benefits.

Outstanding Security Officer – sponsored by Corps Security

Barry Roberts – CIS Security Limited

London Bridge City provides a challenging and dynamic environment, which tests the skill sets of security officers daily, Barry meets these challenges face on with a smile, plus the grit and determination that has earned him the respect of every one that meets him. Barry is an asset to the London Bridge City team, CIS and the security industry as a whole; through his hard work and dedication, he has proven that one person can truly make a difference. In recent times, Barry has displayed moral courage, compassion, and a deep understanding of the needs of others; this has included suicide prevention, firearm disarming, random act of kindness recognition and providing treatment and care to a road traffic collision injured party. Judges felt he demonstrates courage, leadership, care and compassion during difficult situations.

Outstanding Young Security Professional – sponsored by Zinc Systems

Arran Perry – FGH Security

Arran Perry is Regional Operations Manager for the North of England. He started the role in October 2021, at a time where we were coming out of Covid restrictions and facing staffing issues in the night-time economy, both with the quality and quantity of available staff. He turned around trends in shift coverage, returning FGH to over 99% shift fulfilment across his area within three months of appointment. Arran believes in leading from the front. In addition to working in the events team to develop his skills, he also works alongside his own team in the night-time economy at least once a week to refresh his skills and build relationships.  Judges noted that Arran has excelled individually and supporting his team, leading by example showing his team how it is done and is a very worthy winner.   

Outstanding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative – sponsored by Assist Group and supported by Sycom

STM Group (UK)

The STM aim is to create an inclusive environment and culture, with a diverse workforce that is representative of all sections of society, where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their full potential. As well as eliminating any discrimination from across all protected characteristics, as set out in the EDI Policy in line with the Equality Act 2010, STM provides support to its internal customers who are in this bracket with extra support, including of KPIs and one-to-ones, to ensure their mobility and retention. Judges felt that STM’s specific targeted initiative created a more inclusive workforce reflecting the profile in society and showed a pragmatic action and measurable results. 

Outstanding Contract Security Company (Guarding) – sponsored by Team Software by WorkWave

CIS Security

In the past year, CIS has excelled in all areas of their business. They have secured over £18m of new business, whilst maintaining a retention rate of 96%. They provide a best-in-class service to all their customers whilst ensuring that their people are at the heart of everything they do – they believe that this is what has really accelerated their growth. They were built from the bottom to lead from the top. Whether its Service Delivery, ESG, HR, their People, Training or Health and Safety, they have the foundations in place to ensure that they are leading in every field. CIS is the exception, that keeps challenging the rule and they are consistently making a strong impact in the very important security industry.  Judges felt that the drive to create an inclusive and diverse team is a credit to them. 

Outstanding Security Sustainability Award – sponsored by KeolisAmey Docklands

Bristol Zoological Society and KIS Fire & Security

Bristol Zoological Society is pressing ahead with an inspiring conservation agenda as it moves from its historic city centre location to a new home: the 136-acre Wild Place Project. Here, 80% of species will be linked to habitat restoration projects around the world, a higher percentage than any other UK zoo. A powerful CCTV solution from IDIS, designed and installed by KIS Fire & Security, is key to its success – improving safety and security, habitat management, and animal care.  Judge’s felt the new CCTV system implemented is very innovative and will provide a secure future for the zoo’s residents.

Lifetime Achievement – sponsored by The Security Institute

Joe Connell

Joe Connell has served the United Kingdom as a Crown servant and then as a committed security professional for over 30 years. As he retires as Chairman of the Association of Security Consultants (ASC). He is nominated for services to the security industry, counter-terrorist policing and international security capacity building over a lifetime of achievement.

Judge’s commented Joe’s impact is felt across many areas of security and security associations partnerships and has strong influence internationally. They said that there was clear evidence of an exemplary security professional whose career spans a diverse range of important duties and responsibilities.  Joe combines the deftness of instantly understanding his audience, assessing situations, and facilitating development of security solutions. His broad contributions demonstrate a commitment to improving perceptions and capabilities of the whole Security Industry. Many of the Judge’s agreed he has provided a faultless service to the security community and is well worthy of this award.