Outstanding In-House Security Manager/Director
Tracey Edwards – Southern Health NHS Trust

Tracey is Security Manager at Southern Health NHS Trust and her initiatives have helped transform standards of care. Her insights and innovations have resulted not just in reduced risks to patients with mental healthcare needs, and to the dedicated NHS staff who look after them, but in improved care outcomes, and better lives. Tracey has drawn up a clear strategy and implemented the best measures to deliver it. She is also a passionate advocate for improved specialist training for security professionals working in NHS mental healthcare. Her courage and experience to drive a contrary view and make changes to people’s life outcomes was something the judges applauded.

Outstanding Contract Security Manager/Director
David Evans – STM Group (UK) Ltd

David is STM’s Account Manager for the MTR Elizabeth Line contract as they build a new rail infrastructure across London. David is a manager who leads from the front with leadership skills that are second to none. He is known for a firm but fair approach with a consistent management style. His attention to detail and passion for high standards is evident which has been recognised by both his employer and the client. David continues to achieve high scores in all areas of service delivery on a hugely demanding and challenging contract. The judging panel noted he was a leader dedicated to his team, achieving credible results.

Outstanding Security Equipment Manufacturer

IDIS focuses on delivering complete, end-to-end video solutions that give end-users and systems integrators everything they need for trouble-free, high performance surveillance. The company’s technology is designed with two aims in mind: to improve user experience, with problem-solving tools that are easy to use; and to build long term partnerships with systems integrators, by giving full project support whenever needed, plus the benefits of true plug-and-play installation. IDIS continues to innovate, developing advanced deep learning analytics, powerful mobile tools, and practical solutions to help customers face emerging challenges, including operating during pandemic conditions, and preparing for the future beyond.

Outstanding Security Consultant
Richard Sumner – RS Security Consultants

Richard Sumner, Head of RS Security Consultants Ltd is an independent security consultant operating nationally. Richard’s security career has spanned 32 years and boasts long-term relationships with major names including, Shepherded Engineering Services, Media City, Peel Land & Property Ltd, Incommunities Housing Association and many more who have utilised Richard’s expertise repeatedly.   Richard provides a bespoke service to each client offering in-depth research, detailed planning of projects, and the testing of security options appropriate to their premises.

Outstanding Security Team
Mitie & Sainsbury’s Blitz Teams

Utilising crime data, Sainsbury’s and Mitie created “BLITZ” teams to be deployed across the estate. BLITZ teams were comprised of a group of store detectives, all with shop floor and internal investigations experience, ensuring the effective and efficient approach to tackling crime in the most high-risk stores. The BLITZ team was deployed for a two-week trial period, in which time they produced some excellent results, including 35 arrests, with 9 made in just one day, leading to the initiative being rolled out to additional targeted stores across the estate.

Outstanding Customer Service Initiative
STM Group (UK) Ltd and Rail Network

STM Group has embarked on a new initiative in conjunction with Network Rail, providing in excess of 100 Welfare Officers focused on delivering trespass and suicide mitigation at over 40 mainline stations within the South Western Railways network. Since contract commencement in 2019, STM Trespass & Welfare Officers have prevented an estimated minimum of 100 suicides (with this number ever increasing) and have helped countless more people with the presence of the officers at stations. The judging panel regarded the initiative as an important initiative providing visible support to those who need help.

Outstanding Security Installer/Integrator
Astra Security

Astra Security specialise in providing custom made security solutions. The company was founded on a personal approach to doing business, and as they have grown, that has remained constant. An NSI Gold accredited company working to the highest standards. The judges noted that during 2020 Astra Security demonstrated its excellent adaptability in helping clients deal with the consequences of Covid-19 by exercising their ability to be flexible and push the boundaries of innovation.

Outstanding Event Security Team
Liverpool HMS Prince of Wales (Operation Heartland) Team – FGH Security

FGH event security team was responsible for the crowd management safety of visitors who came to see HMS Prince of Wales prior to its maiden voyage – reaching up to 10,000 people per day. During the week they dealt with two potentially major incidents; an attempted suicide and a detainment under the Terrorism Act – an early interception preventing any disruption to the event. The team was praised by the Superintendent for Response & Resolution at Merseyside Police for managing to effectively integrate all aspects of the complex security with numerous partner agencies.  Judges noted that the team had demonstrated outstanding observation techniques to prevent two serious incidents and maintained high levels of security throughout.

Outstanding Security Training Initiative
ACT Awareness eLearning – Highfield e-learning in partnership with M&S and NaCTSO

Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) Awareness eLearning was designed and created by Highfield, in partnership with Marks and Spencer plc and NaCTSO. The purpose of this freely available course is to better prepare UK citizens on how to react in the instance of a suspected terrorist threat, to protect not only themselves, but also the lives of others.

Outstanding Security Partnership
TINYg Information Sharing Partnership

Serving, Sharing, Informing are the watch words describing the Global Terrorist Information Group or TINYg. Its name belies the position it has carved out as a global network bringing people together. It brings representatives of public bodies and law enforcement together with the private sector and it has built a world-renowned information and experience sharing network, free to its membership and free to join. Effectiveness is achieved through a close international team, building professional relationships through a trusted network of dedicated security professionals, organisations and governments with a membership in over 150 countries.

Outstanding New Security Product
Action CountersTerrorism (ACT) App – Urim in partnership with M&S and NaCTSO

The Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) app was designed and created by Urim, in partnership with Marks and Spencer plc and The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO). The purpose of this freely available app is to enhance communication between UK Counter Terrorism Policing and UK citizens and organisations.  The ACT app provides live-time information from Counter Terrorism Policing, plus all the very latest protective security advice. The judges felt this was an excellent tool and a great example of a public private partnership which would make the country a much safer place.

Outstanding Cyber Security Initiative
North East Business Resilience Centre (NEBRC)

Working across the region, the NEBRC is a non-profit organisation which exists to support businesses from cybercrime. The organisation offers a wide range of business-resilience services, delivered by an expert team of trusted professionals, police officers and innovative ‘ethical hackers’ from Sheffield Hallam and Northumbria Universities.  Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (the LEP), commissioned the NEBRC to deliver a £100K programme to support the self-employed and micro-businesses of less than 10 employees across the Leeds City Region at a time when so many businesses are facing ongoing change as a result of the pandemic and lockdown restrictions.

Outstanding Young Security Professional
Hannah Booth – Heriot-Watt University

Hannah has worked with notable dedication during her first five years as a security professional and is determined to progress in her career. After joining Heriot-Watt university in 2017, Hannah earned rapid promotion to the position of SafeGuarding Support Manager. Here she embraced new responsibilities, managed the introduction of the university’s SafeZone service, and made a unique personal contribution to the team’s wider strategic vision of driving up standards of care for students and staff. And when Hannah was tested in dramatic circumstances, with lives at risk, she proved herself to be calm, effective, and adept in her response. Judges felt her commitment, drive and enthusiasm were inspiring.

Outstanding Security Officer
Sammy Wightman – Axien Security

Sammy has worked extremely hard in support of his role on the Plymouth Against Retail Crime contract for Axien Security. He has put himself in harms way on numerous occasions and has undoubtedly been pivotal in ensuring many major incidents – often providing first aid and CPR as well and disarming a number of assailants with knives. Judges felt that Sammy had demonstrated considerable dedication to public safety and his broad contribution to the community reflects the real impact security officers can make.

Outstanding Contract Security Guarding Company
Axis Security

Axis has seen substantial growth to become one of the UK’s leading security companies. 2019/20 saw a 9% growth in turnover, £13m new wins and £4m of successful contracts retained. They started the year strong after winning HR and employee engagement awards and accomplishing security company firsts such as achieving ServiceMark accreditation and signing up for the C19 Pledge. Axis continues to strengthen its business processes and procedures to support employees and customers, especially through the difficult COVID-19 pandemic months, and the company has received great feedback from customers in their management approach, communication, and levels of professionalism.

Lifetime Achievement
Jason Towse – Mitie

Jason Towse has dedicated his career to security. With over 25 years in the industry, Jason’s commitment and dedication to the security sector is well documented. He has performed at all operational and commercial levels, developing a wide range of experience that he utilises to great effect at Mitie and across the industry. Over the years he has built a reputation for developing business strategies, managing business change, and incubating new operating models in evolving markets, consistently creating people-centric cultures, energising and engaging teams to retain the best talent. A truly dedicated security professional with a strong “can do” drive.